Japan Machinery Company — supply and installation of industrial equipment of Japanese production

Our workflow from A to Z

Client’s inquiry, definition of specifications and configuration of the equipment and Technical/Commercial Proposal

Receipt of purchase order

Customs clearance and shipment

Final supervision and commissioning at the customer’s site (in some cases).

In 2019, we delivered to 83 countries

Japan Machinery Company
North and South America

North and South America

  • Agriculture Spare Parts For Tea Harvester
  • General Industry Air Compressor, Hoist Spare Parts, Spare Parts For Air Compressor, Spare Parts For Hoist
  • Oil & Gas Accessory For Marine Hose, Marine Hose, Pneumatic Fender, Spare Parts For Agitator
  • Power Industry Filter, Pump
  • Steel Manufacturing Chemical Product


  • Agriculture Machinery (Harvster)
  • Automotive Industry Cable
  • Chemical Industry Machinery, Membrane
  • Factory Equipment Press Monitoring Device
  • Medical Machinery
Africa and Middle East

Africa and Middle East

  • Steel Manufacturing Electric Parts
Asia and Central Asia

Asia And Central Asia

  • Agriculture Baler, Bund Forming Machine, Drive Harrow, Machinery, Machinery (Harvster)
  • Automotive Industry Controller, Lubrication Unit, Press Machine, Pump Unit, Sensor, Suction Filter
  • Chemical Industry Agitator, Filter & Regulator, Valve, Viscosity Meter
  • Electrical Appliances Heater
  • Electronic Industry Chemical Product, Emery (Sand) Paper, Machinery
  • Engineering Lance
  • Factory Equipment Clamp, Motor, Shaft, Speed Reducer, Switch, Valve
  • Fertilizer Flame Detector, Flame Detector Spare Parts, Machinery, Machinery (Valve), Valve Spare Parts
  • General Industry Pressure Switch
  • Glass Manufacturing Motor
  • Maritime Industry Controller, Machinery (Crane)
  • Metallurgy Chemical Product, Machinery
  • Methanol Production Valve
  • Oil & Gas Pump
  • Paper Industry Machinery, Machinery (Liner)
  • Petrochemical Industry Detector, Electric Parts, Machinery, Machinery (Strainer)
  • Power Industry Flow Meter, Level Switch, Level Transmitter, Level Transmitter Spare Parts, Pump, Thermal Dispersion Switch, Ultrasonic Level Switch, Valve
  • Power Plant Machinery
  • Refinery Machinery
  • Steel Manufacturing AC Contactor, Air Cylinder, Alarm Setter, Amplifier, Back Up Roll, Battery Charger, Bearing, Blade, Bond, Burner, Bush, Bush Guard, Cable, Cam Switch, Coating, COG Compressor, Control Box, Control Cable, Controller, Convertor, Cooling Case, Cooling Equipment, Cooling Fan, Coupling, CYL Sensor, Cylinder, DD Kit, Demister, Drive Coupling, Electric, Electric Cover, Electric Parts, Encoder, Filter, Filter Element, Float Switch, Flow Meter, Fuse, Gear Pump, Gear Spindle, Geared Motor, Grease, Hood for Photo SW, Hydraulic Cylinders, Ignitor, Insulator, Joystick Controller, Lamp, Lamp Cable, Lamp House, Level Switch, Li-Ion Battery, Limit Switch, Liner, Lubricator, Machine, Machine Tool, Machinery, Machinery (Filter), Machinery (Metal Detector), Machinery (Pump), Machinery (Valve), Machinery(Joint), Magic Ink, Magnet Pump, Magnetic Contactor, Manual Switch Joystick, Mech Seal, Metering Pump, Mixer, Module, OCG Compressor, Packing, Photo Switch, Pin For Photo SW, Pinion, Plate For Heat Exchanger, Polisher, Power Cable, Power Supply, Power Tester, Pressure Switch, Pulse Generator, Pump, Rack, Reducer, Reflector Option, Regulator, Remote Controller, Roll, Roll Polisher, Roller Chain, Rust‐Preventive Agent, Seal, Sensor, Set Pin, Set Screw, Silencer, Solenoid Valve, Spacer, Speed Control, Speed Relay, Spring, Sprocket, Strainer, Stroboscope, Stroboscope Handy Type, Switch, Table Frame, Ti Dioxide, Tip, Valve, Valve Seat, Valve Stand, Valve Stem, Weld Point Detector, Wiper, Xenon Tube
  • Sugar Plant Expansion Joint, Pump, Relief Valve, Tachometer
  • Tinplate Manufacturing UV Lamp
  • UniversityOzone Dissolved Monitor, Ozone Gas Monitor
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