Bund forming for rice field

Various Manufacturers


Off-set series:

SZ02 (11~17ps) Light and compact design

AUZ02 (25~55ps) Fully complemented standard type

Return series:

SZR02 (16~25ps) Best matching with small tractor

DZR02W (25~45ps) Compact design for medium tractor

LZR02 (34~60ps) High performance and High durability

Main features:

All N-types (electric types) are controlled by cordless remote controller and are non-step offset.

Easy operation by fit-grip remote controller.

New wing disk & spiral roller:

Steps and spirals of new spiral roller make tight and solid bund.

Stepped wing disks are properly adjusted and transfer force uniformly from top to bottom.

So firm bund is formed with less vibration and comfortable operation.

Safety design:

Shear bolt equipped with joint inside machine protects machine from impact. (Shear bolt is not equipped with SZ02 and SZR02.)

Beautiful finishing:

Miscellaneous things like weeds are removed from upper surface of bund and firmer bund is formed in case of J-type.

Easy adjustment:

SZR02, DZR02W and LZR02 series adopt W-frame structure. So it is easy to adjust to the best working position.


Big-diameter and shorter roller: In case of lower bund and to reinforce the side of bund.



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