Drive harrow for rice transplanting

Various Manufacturers

HL20 Series (for 45-100ps tractors)

High performance, high durability and more easiness of use.

Double frames:

High durability is materialized by double frames.

Big springrake improves burying performance of rice straw and rice stubble. Swing rubber improves horizontality.

Main features:

1. Big springrake: Rice straw and rice stubble are finely buried by big springrake behind blade and springrake under rake. Besides, since springrake is attached with leveling board, suitable position is maintained even though working depth is changed.

2. Swingrubber: Horizontality is maintained by flexibility of swingrubber even though tractor leans right or left.

3. Ejector rake: Ejector rake which has slant in notch softens backward flow of water and prevents buried materials from rising.

4. Corrugated extension rake: Decreases side discharge of water.

5. Adjusting undulations: Adjusting undulation (pull soil from high areas and make field flat) can be done from verge of bund by locking conneting frames and fixing rake

6. Blade: The blade was specially developed to improve soil crushing and burying performances. In order to avoid blade shifting caused by hitting stone or others and prevent bolt from loosing, blade root is cut as R-shape.


Difference between Rotary and Drive Harrow



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