Ceramic Capacitor Packages Pressing Machine Model CCS-90


Equipment was manufactured by OPPC (Japan) for automatic pressing of ceramic capacitor packages. It produces the following sequential steps:

  • Separate unwinding of ceramic dielectric plastic carrier and electrode ceramic film;
  • Preloaded dimension film sections parting;
  • Ceramic dielectric and electrode ceramic film removal from a plastic film carrier;
  • Combination of dielectric and electrode film;
  • Capacitor packs cut-off and molding process;
  • Ready for annealing capacitor packages pressing.

Main technical characteristics and product performance features: equipment provides an automatic molding of ceramic capacitor packages for subsequent annealing and ceramic capacitors production. Capacitor packages size is set using software and manual change of winding rollers. Software settings allow to achieve very high alignment accuracy of dielectric and electrodes carrier, while maintaining high performance. Fully automated workflow simplifies facility maintenance and operation. Stacking table size is 90x90mm.

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