Tantalum Capacitor Powder Press-forming Machine with Dual Press Head



This press-forming machine for small chip-type Tantalum capacitor pellets has tooling die that can press two anodes at once in order to enhance productivity for mass production. Moreover, there are more than several new features that existing press-forming machines for side press did not have and makes it possible to achieve a stable operation than before.

Advantages over conventional side press

•Higher productivity

•Less floor area

•Minimized noise at operation by adopting motors & cylinders instead of CAM drive

•Variable settings for speed and stroke of punches, upper lid and shuttle feeder

•Cost effectiveness

Image of Tooling Die Area

Anode Press Forming Specification

(Figure 1)
Min Max Tolerance
Height (H) 0.5 2 ±0.015
Width (W) 0.5 2 ±0.015
Thickness (T) 0.5 2 ±0.015 *4
Wire Length (I)
H x 2/3 or more, ±0.1
Wire Length (L)
5.5~8 *1
Wire Diameter (φd) 0.19~0.24 *2
Press Density 5.0~6.5g/cm3 *3
Press Weight Accuracy 5.0~6.5g/cm3 *3
MaterialTa Powder Powder with a high CV value
(contains binder) can be used
Ta Wire For both annealed
Wire Spoo (Standard) *5


*1,2 The above mold is determined from the numerical values notes 1, 2 in the table to the production specifications.

*3 The numerical values in the table are limited by the CV value of the powder, and the range of pellets that can be formed is determined by the shape retention after forming and by the pullout strength of the lead. The average press density at which forming can be done while maintaining stable pullout strength is 5g/cm3 or more, and the standard compression ratio during molding is 3.

*4 The precision of formation is controlled mainly by the powder’s distribution of particle size, its fluidity, the shape of the particles, and the binder.

*5 Refer to Figure 2 “Standard Wire Spool”. For other than the standard specifications, Please contact us.

Machine Specification


Production Speed MAX 1.5sec./2pcs
Forming UnitMethod Horizontal Press Method
Side Die Drive Two AC Servomotors
Upper Lid Drive One AC Servomotor
Press Force MAX 500N (Motor Output 100%)
Max Press Opening 10mm (Setting unit: 2μm)
Powder Filling Opening MAX 6mm, (To be set on GPC)
Powder Supply
Method Fixed-amount Supply
Drive DC Motor, AC servomotor
Wire Supply
Wire Uncoil Air Chuck Feeding Method
Wire Guide Stainless Tube
Embedded Wire Screw Adjustment
Drive Air Cylinder, AC Servomotor
Electric Power Supply AC200V 3phase 50/60Hz Rated 2KVA
Machine Dimensions 450Wx 720L x 1850H(mm)
Machine Weight 150kg

Above numerical values are subject to change without notification

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