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BioavailabilityDesign Mini

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BioavailabilityDesignMini is software that predicts the oral absorption rate of a drug from in vitro data. Calculate the oral absorption rate (Fa: fraction of a dose absorbed) by approximate analytical solution (Fa formula). It was developed to provide the theory on oral absorption rate prediction developed by Dr. Kiyohiko Sugano (Professor of Ritsumeikan University Department of Pharmacy, former Pfizer Associate research fellow), the foremost expert in this field, as software.

  • Compatible with Microsoft Excel 2010 and upper
  • License usage (1 user / year)

Operation screen

  • Easy: Excel-based software (macro) can be used easily.
  • Reliable prediction: Predictability has been validated with clinical oral absorption data of over 200.
  • Open process: Calculation does not become Black Box.
  • Flexible Utilization: Each theoretical expression can be used individually as an Excel function.
  • Faster: It is possible to perform batch calculation using a table.


The unique data of each compound can be combined into one sheet.

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