AlGaN/GaN on Si, SiC, Sap, GaN Epi-wafers


GaN epitaxial wafers with high mobility for electronic devices.
• GaN epitaxial wafers on various substrates (Si, SiC, Sapphire, GaN) grown by MOCVD.
• Novel growth technique based on the cutting-edge technologies of NTT Laboratories.

GaN Epi Product Lineup

Layer Structure and Typical Features (AlGaN/GaN HEMT)

The overcome the problems of hetero-epi.

• Newly developed nucleation layer (template).

• Original buffer layer to absorb the lattice and thermal mismatches.

• Carbon- (or Iron-) doping to improve breakdown voltage while reducing leakage current.

Above concepts are also valid for GaN on various substrates such as Sap., SiC. In case of GaN on Sap., on SiC, the second layer, “Buffer layer” is unnecessary.

Sheet Resistivity variations

- As a function of Al composition of the barrier

Typical mapping of Sheet Resistance


Gan Epitaxial Wafers

Gan Epitaxial Wafers 2

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