Wafer Plating Laboratory Set


Silicon wafer plating laboratory set is used for precision plating such as to silicon wafers, glass and ceramic substrates, special materials and films. Our silicon wafer plating laboratory sets have been used in numerous fields including semi-conductors, MEMS, LIGA, various sensors, solar power generation, precision components, heavy/aerospace/chemical industries, researches involving various primary materials and also as equipment for small-lot production. The set is small-sized intended for use in laboratory experiments and inside draft chambers.

The set is composed of cathode/anode jigs specially equipped for precision plating, micro filter, agitator and a tank with enhanced temperature distribution and agitation efficiency. Plating is possible with solution volume of 250mL for chip-substrates of approximately 1cm-square size, 4L for 4cm-sized chips and 40L for 12cm-sized chips.

Even when not included in our catalog, we are also able to accept custom-orders to fit our customers’ needs such as electroless plating systems and double-sided plating systems. Please feel free to inquire us on any desktop-size sets. If you can provide us with rough specifications such as plating-type, bath temperature, sample size of plating items and preferable volume of plating solution, we will be able to provide you with suggestions on the system that may be just right for your needs. We are proud of the fact that our silicon wafer plating series has satisfied numerous research institutes and manufacturers over the years since its first introduction in 1996.

Desktop Plating Kit for Semiconductors

In the late 1990s, a revolution occurred in semiconductor manufacturing methods and the technique of plating onto silicon wafers spread worldwide. Around this time, Yamamoto-MS received requests from universities and manufacturers for a test kit that could accommodate this technique, and we took this opportunity to swiftly embark on the manufacture of a simplified kit. We first started out by receiving special orders to produce custom-made kits, but before long, we had developed substantial expertise and knowhow and were able to launch commercial production, which eventually led to acquiring patents in Europe and the US.

Structure and Shape Derived from Years of Effort

One problem that emerged in the development process was that plating tended to become uneven. Results differed greatly depending on tank structure, the way of electric contact on cathode, and how anodes were positioned. Restrictions on size, cost, and usability meant that the desired results could not be readily achieved. Through trial and error, we were able to finally arrive at the present structure and shape and we intend to keep making further improvements to satisfy our customers’ requests.

Gleaning Expertise through Constant Trial and Error

All of Yamamoto-MS’s equipment for silicon wafers is handmade. From the exterior appearance, our kits seem easy to make and sometimes people try to reproduce the kits themselves… However, when cracking, warping, and leaking starts in no time, people realize that Yamamoto-MS products embody expertise not revealed by external appearance. How materials are handled and the processing methods used are the result gleaned from our constant trial and error efforts, since we are aware that even minute differences can have a major impact on results.

We intend to continue working together day by day, with a commitment to satisfying as many customers as possible, while seeking to become a company trusted and admired all over the world.


Silicon wafer plating laboratory set (Yamamoto-MS)

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