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BioavailabilityDesign Expert

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BioavailabilityDesign (BD) Expert predicts the time profiles of oral drug absorption based on the fully mechanistic theoretical framework (the GUT framework).

Gastrointestinal (GI) physiology, the dissolution and the intestinal membrane permeation of a drug in the GI tract are dynamically simulated. The GUT framework has been published in the literature (i.e., no black-box) and independently validated by third parties.

  • Dissolution Test
  • Dissolution test pH change
  • pH solubility profile*
  • In vitro membran*
  • Dissolution permeation system*
  • GISimulator*

The software can be installed on 3PCs per license(1 license / year)

It requires a dongle key for use, it can not be used simultaneously with 3 PCs.

Those with * are optional. Please contact the JMC for detailed specifications.<./p>

Operation screen

What can BioavailabilityDesign Expert do?

  • Predict Fa by PhysChem, solubility, permeability, nucleation, drug substance, drug product and dose regimen input parameters.
  • Predict chronological changes of oral absorption properties in each GI position.
  • Predict the plasma concentration – time profiles by adding PK i.v. parameter.
  • Support controlled release formulation.
  • Simulate the pH-gradient dissolution test, the dissolution - permeation system, and the gastro-intestinal simulator.


You can import the data of the particle size distribution meter.

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