4-probe tester for small-sized electrodes
Customer: Electronic components manufacturing, Russia
2015 year

4-probe tester for small-sized electrodes

Manufacturer Name

Electronic measuring equipment and testers manufacturing company (Japan)

Brief project description

End user needs to measure conductivity of the metal films on flexible dielectric polymer in the range of 1Ω to 1кΩ. The main problem was in minimum thickness of 15-20nm and small area measuring element (5x5mm). JMC Co. has selected a Japanese manufacturer that was able to design a device in accordance with all requirements of the customer`s specifications.

Our role as supplier

JMC Co. has found the Japanese manufacturer, finalized device characteristics, assisted in purchasing and exporting of the device, is providing warranty service.


JMC Co. was able to organize efficient discussion between the customer and the manufacturer clearing all of the technical problems, including the problem of use of the actual materials ensuring the procurement of the materials and further materials` tests to ensure the proper equipment performance. Furthermore JMC Co. ensured equipment safe export and provided assistance in the equipment installation at the customer`s site.

Additional material Resistance film 4 point probe tester (PDF)

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