Vacuum sintering furnace for niobium and tantalum capacitors for Russia (2013-2014)
Customer: Russian electronic capacitor manufacturer, the largest enterprise electronic industrial field of capacitors and nonlinear semiconductor resistors., Russia
2012 year

Vacuum sintering furnace for niobium and tantalum capacitors for Russia (2013-2014)

Manufacturer Name

Japanese manufacturer of capacitor equipment (Yokohama, Japan)

Brief project description

The customer was in need of a high temperature vacuum sintering furnace for niobium and tantalum capacitors without any viable solution from local manufacturer in Russia. The customer used the JMC connections to get in touch with one of the equipment manufacturers in Japan and also used the financial scheme offered by JMC Co. to finance the purchase.

Information about supplied equipment

Vacuum sintering furnace for niobium and tantalum capacitors


Reason why we are chosen by client, JMC strong points

Based on previous project JMC management in Russia, JMC was authorized as OPPC representatives in Russia and CIS. Direct request for quotation from Interprom to OPPC was redirected to JMC.

Difficulties and solutions during the project

The furnace equipment experienced mechanical trouble immediately after delivery due to which the customer was not able to fully use the equipment and was bearing significant financial losses. The technical problems could not be efficiently settled locally by the direct communication between the customer and the manufacturer due to delay in communications and several misunderstandings. JMC having employees with both Japanese and Russian language ability could clarify the technical misunderstanding and organize the maintenance repairs by the manufacturer team at the customer facility with the equipment running smoothly after the repairs done.


The effort of JMC Co. to fully back its customers claims after the equipment was installed locally and ability to organize an efficient repair work at the customer`s site (with the manufacturer team working at the customer facilities for one week) lead to further smooth cooperation between the Russian customer and the Japanese manufacturer. This in turn brought several new equipment orders from the same Russian customer in 2014.

Additional material Vacuum Sintering Furnace (PDF)