Plating equipment and electrolyte solution for lab gold plating.
Customer: Russian trading company, Russia
2013 year

Plating equipment and electrolyte solution for lab gold plating.

Brief project description

Russian end-user has been looking for gold plating unit for laboratory use as well as recipe for gold plating liquid suitable for the unit. Russian trade company contacted JMC Co. asking to find a suitable manufacturer who can supply such lab unit and recipe. Through thorough check of Japanese manufacturers, JMC found two suitable manufacturer companies that could supply a gold plating unit for lab use (Manufacturer 1) and a separate supplier of gold plating electrolytes (Manufacturer 2).   

Manufacturer 1 had several sales packages with standard models and various optional attachments/components amounting to 32 pieces, which made the situation complicated to select the most suitable unit satisfactory to the customer from catalogues only.

Our role
Supply coordination and export

Customer Description
Russian trading company in Moscow, Russia in the field of electronic industry

End user Description
Scientific research facility in Moscow, Russia, specializing in the fundamental research in the field of industrial machinery and engineering

Manufacturer Description 1
Japanese manufacturer of plating equipment and solution analyzers (Tokyo, Japan).

Manufacturer Description 2
Largest company in Japan in the field of precious metals and ornaments for industrial and other usages.

Information about supplied equipment

Reason why we are chosen by client/JMC strong points

Through close communication with the partner and the customer using Russian language, JMC learned the actual requirements of the customer and checked the detailed points one by one, while consulting with Manufacturer 1 in Japanese language for technical details and contents of various sales packages as well as gold plating liquid. After repeating patient process of communication and consultation, JMC finally found the best package with the most suitable unit of Manufacturer 1 and gold plating liquid produced by Manufacturer 2, which were satisfactory enough to the customer to finalize the supply contract.


JMC Co. was able to examine the pool of the manufacturers in the Japanese electronics and chemical industry, providing all the technical information and descriptions needed for the customer and to create a suitable procurement package offer for an international customer thus giving him an opportunity to make an informed decision in the Japanese market and finalizing the deal. JMC Co. is looking to further orders from the same customer in 2014. 

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