Pressing Equipment for Tantalum Capacitors Manufacture
Customer: Trade company in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, Russia
2013 year

Pressing Equipment for Tantalum Capacitors Manufacture

Manufacturer Name

Japanese manufacturer of capacitor equipment (Yokohama, Japan)

Brief project description

Based on specific end user requirements two different equipment models were discussed with the manufacturer at the preliminary discussion. Finally, two different types of interchangeable holders were specially combined in one equipment model thus enlarging equipment specifications.

Pressing equipment was tested at the manufacturer site in presence of end user and customer representatives. Supplied equipment was successfully put into operation at the end user site and end user staff was trained by manufacturer accompanied by JMC representatives (3 days period).

Information about supplied equipment

Reason why we are chosen by client, JMC strong points

Based on previous project JMC management in Russia, JMC was authorized as OPPC representatives in Russia and CIS. Direct request for quotation from the customer to manufacturer was redirected to JMC.

Difficulties and solutions during the project

First test of equipment operation in Japan showed some problem related to different production quality of capacitor materials in Japan and Russia (and other countries). Original equipment was customized by the manufacturer for the successful use of Russian-made capacitor materials. As after-sales support JMC Co. has additionally supplied a package of cutting blades and moving parts to create a customer accessories stock for trouble-free device operation.


JMC Co. was to organize efficient discussion between the customer and the manufacturer clearing all of the technical problems, including the problem of use of the locally procured materials organizing the procurement of the needed materials and additional manufacturer tests to ensure passing of the required equipment tests in Japan, safe equipment delivery and smooth installation at the customer`s site.

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